Longsands Beach, Tynemouth

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You can choose a view out to sea or along the beach: Beach

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Live beach camera
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Camera provided by Mark Elsom-Cook at Learning Technology Services Ltd

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The cameras automatically reset themselves each night. Unless there is a hardware failure, no camera should be unavailable for more than 24 hours. Please wait that long before reporting a glitch. Each camera runs on completely separate hardware, but they share an Internet connection.

If you have questions about the camera, check our FAQ to see if that helps, otherwise feel free to email us

Update April 2014

Cameras were moved to a new ISP in mid-April. Only off for a day. I have had a few users telling me that the images are getting stuck, but they are definitely not. I monitor them continuously and log all images updates. It has been seamless for weeks. Do remember that these cameras stop at 8PM and start again at 6AM. It saves money to have them off when it is dark. But it is summer - would extended summer hours be useful?

Usage information

The cameras have now been running since 2005, and have continuously grown in popularity. This has been purely by word of mouth. We recently passed 400,000 hits per month and expect to get to 500,000 quite soon. About 30% of our users are located in the region, and about 30% outside the UK. Over half the access is from browsers on mobile devices.

Comments about the camera (preferably constructive): please email waves@tynemouth.org.uk